Our Services

Vejan film is an Istanbul film production company focused on innovative concepts with fresh approaches.

Our goal is understand our client’s vision and then help them accomplish that vision through film. We have a creative and dynamic team provides the production services.

We offer production services: providing studio & equipment for feature films, short films, documentaries, Intro films, TV commercials, TV shows.

Our services including; editing, colour adjustment, visual effects, sound,

DCP –Blu – Ray and etc.

  • prodüksiyon
  • Ön Prodüksiyon
  • Offline – Online Kurgu
  • Color Correction – Grading
  • DaVinci Resolve 12 Color Correction ve Grading
  • DataLab
  • Blu-Ray ve DVD Mastering conversions
  • Cast Araştırması ve Prova mekanı temini,