Xal û Xwarzê/ Uncle and Newphew

Xal û Xwarzê/ Uncle and Newphew

An uncle and his newphew shot each other and their relatives took them to the hospital in seperate cars.while  People in the car were arguing about the uncle and his newphew’s will for power, everything changes when the uncle dies.



Fiction / 18 Minutes / Full HD / Colour / 2013

Language: Kurdısh

Directed by: Zekeriya Aydoğan

Written by: Zekeriya Aydoğan

Production: Production 13 Production

Director: Semih Yıldız

Chief Executive Officer: Meral Balık

Light: Cemil Kızıldağ

Audio: Can Yurtsever

Fiction: Mehmet Dalmaz – Erhan Ors

Art Director: Ali Ağtaş

Production: Meral Balık


April 2013